Payments are a Strategy. Integrity is Everything.

At Integrity Payments Group, we provide strategic payment solutions that prioritize integrity and results above all else.


Tailored services to fit your needs

Our payment services equip you with the essential tools to safeguard your business, manage risks, and integrate payments seamlessly. Whether it's through consulting insights or regulatory support, we strive to enhance your business, providing you with peace of mind to focus on your core strengths.

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Comprehensive Consulting Services

Strategic expertise and innovative solutions.

Payment Ecosystem Planning

Customized strategies for streamlined payments.

Treasury Services and Management

Optimize cash flow for financial stability.

Merchant Statement Analysis:

Unlock savings with expert payment insights.

Business Risk and Continuity Management

Fortify operations against disruptions.

Compliance and Regulatory Support:

Navigate standards with ease and confidence.

Embedded Payments & Payment Integrations

Seamlessly integrate payments for efficiency.


Experts in your industry

We provide a wide range of payment solutions customized to suit various business types, including those in mid to high-risk industries. Our vast knowledge and expertise guarantee that businesses discover the perfect solutions to match their unique requirements.

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Low Risk

If your business is in low-risk sectors such as Retail, Restaurants, and large Enterprises, we help streamline processes, enhance security, and optimize operations for a competitive edge. Our goal is to elevate customer experience, improve efficiency, and ensure peace of mind.

Medium Risk

If you're in a medium-risk business such as B2B, eCommerce, tobacco, fire arms, where higher transaction sizes or fraud are a concern, we understand your unique needs and will ensure that you find the right payment processor with tailored security measures to meet your requirements.

High Risk

In high-risk industries such as Small Dollar Lending, online CBD or nutraceuticals, traditional payment processors are not equipped to service. At IPG, we build a comprehensive strategy that delivers sustainable and proven results that our network of banks trusts, to get you the accounts where others cannot.


Integrity Payments Group is your trusted partner 

Partner with Integrity Payments Group for a personalized approach to success. Our comprehensive partner programs streamline the process from onboarding to reporting, and provide your customers with payment options that align with your brand.

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ISOs and Agents

From seamless onboarding to cutting-edge technologies, we provide fully white-labeled solutions and support every step of the way.

ISVs and Developers

Integrate seamless payment solutions into your applications. Together, we can provide enhanced value to your clients.

Financial Institutions

Offer cutting-edge payment solutions to your customers, ensuring they have access to the best in the industry.

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