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All-in-one solution for your dispensary. 

Running your dispensary is made easy with integrated payments, banking services, cash management, point-of-sale, and payroll features.

Made for Cannabis Retailers

Industry-tailored solutions and compliance expertise on a national scale.

Resilient Operations

Streamline operations, reduce security risks, and get expert guidance to thrive even in unexpected circumstances.

Elevated Customer Experience

Offer your customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment method and enhance their in-store experience with reduced wait times.

More Revenue

Increase your revenue by up to 35% with card payments, streamline cash management, and save up to 15% on expenses.

All-in-one platform for all of your needs. 

Running your business is now easier with comprehensive payment strategies. Sell products, drive profit, and be ready for the future when cannabis is federally legalized.

Ensure Compliance

Navigate approvals from perceived product risk, underage sales, and subscription complexities to stay compliant with regulations.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience by offering preferred payment methods, reducing wait times, and increasing convenience.

Streamline Operations

Improve the customer experience by offering preferred payment methods, reducing wait times, and increasing convenience.

Remain Resilient

Minimize security risks, remain resilient even in unforeseen circumstances such as business shutdowns, and ensure your business can continue to thrive.


Accept all forms of payment, and increase revenue.

Move beyond cash-only transactions by offering customers the flexibility to choose payment methods, and remain compliant.

‍‍Speed up the checkout process with efficient PIN and pinless debit card transactions.

Credit Cards
‍‍Accept secure credit card payments both in-store and online, effortlessly.

Enable quick and accessible cash transactions to complement a seamless payment experience.

ACH Payments
Efficiently handle electronic bank-to-bank transfers with ACH payments, enabling one-time and recurring payments or subscriptions.

Stay ahead of the curve with mobile payment options, allowing for convenient smartphone payments with platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.


Boost sales and keep customers coming back.

The IntegrityPOINT omni-commerce POS simplifies cannabis sales, whether you have one store or many in multiple states.

Full Spectrum Cannabis compliance
Ensure full compliance at the federal, state, and local levels with comprehensive management and reporting for all inventory and sales.

Omni-Commerce POS
Leverage modern sales channels, including budtender stations, mobile sales, in-store kiosks, and online shopping, through a unified platform.

Loyalty & Rewards
Encourage repeat business by offering loyalty points redeemable on future purchases. Tailor discounts and point thresholds to incentivize regulars.

Third-Party Integrations
Connect with most industry platforms through IntegrityPOINT, keeping you relevant with how customers engage and shop.

Integrated Payments
Offer a full suite of compliant payment solutions, from cash and card to mobile payments, maximizing transaction benefits with a traditional retail commerce experience.

Seed 2 Sale Inventory Management
Monitor your inventory from seed to sale, ensuring compliance with individual product batch metrics. Manage ancillary products with advanced stock-level reordering and automation features that let your staff focus on customers.


Bank with confidence.

Empower your finances with Cannabis friendly banking services for modern business needs.

Business Banking
Manage your finances with an FDIC-insured Premier Banking account.

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Eliminate the risk of sudden account shutdowns
  • Unlimited cash deposits
  • Convenient payment options via ACH, wire, or check
  • Prompt tax payments 
  • Interest-bearing accounts 
  • Electronic or cash payments for invoicing

Personal Banking
Offer your employees peace of mind by avoiding sudden account shutdowns and providing access to traditional account features.

Cash Management

Increase security and efficiency

Enhance security and streamline operations with our smart cash management solutions.

Business Banking

Transform cash handling with Smart Safes.

Customizable options with up to 10k notes

Deposits are credited to your Premier Banking account and accessible the next business day

Facilitate in-house cash deposits and eliminate manual counting

Employ advanced bill validator to reduce the risk of fraud or errors

Armored Car Services

Gain peace of mind with secure Armored Car Services.

Reduce risk by keeping less cash on hand

Schedule quick and convenient pick-ups at your preferred times

Opt for flexible off-site pick-ups

Benefit from competitive rates and tailored logistics coverage through our strong operator relationships


Specialized cannabis payroll solutions.

Dependable payroll solutions tailored to suit the needs of cannabis-related businesses.

Payroll Processing
Our payroll processing system is fully integrated with scheduling and tracking systems and complies with state tax regulations.

Scheduling and Time Tracking
Simplify staff scheduling and time tracking, streamlining your business operations and ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time.

Tip & Commission Payouts
Automate tip and commission payouts to simplify payroll management and ensure accurate and prompt employee compensation.

Complete Cannabis compliance.

Data Standardization

Standardizes data storage so it’s accessible by all government databases.

Sales Compliance

Minimize your compliance risk with pre-built features such as purchase limits and age verification.

State Track-and-Trace

Reports all transactions to government databases in real-time such as CCRS, Leaf Data Systems, and METRC.

Hours of Operation

Ensure compliance with state laws and prevent sales outside of authorized hours to avoid fines or loss of business license.

Why Integrity Payments?

We provide customized solutions to businesses operating in the smoke, vape, CBD, Kratom, and Delta industries. We understand your unique requirements and challenges and work closely with you to provide tailored solutions.

Tailored Solutions

We work closely with you to provide customized solutions that address your specific requirements.

Extensive Network

We have a deep network of bank partners that are friendly to products in these industries.

Comprehensive Offerings

Integrity Payments doesn't just provide a single solution; we offer a comprehensive strategic approach to help you thrive.


Our POS platform is future-ready and designed to support cannabis sales when the market is ready.


We stay ahead of industry regulations and compliance challenges to provide the most modern and compliant solutions.

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