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Unveiling the New Integrity Payments Group Brand

Debra LeJeune
January 15, 2024
5 min read

Hello, I'm Debra LeJeune, the founder of Integrity Payments Group. I'm excited to share our mission and the journey that led us to redefine the payments industry.

In my time across banking and leadership roles, I’ve witnessed firsthand the diverse ethics and priorities of companies. It struck me how often the pursuit of quick profits overshadowed the true needs of clients. In an industry where honesty and integrity should be the pillars, it was disheartening to see them sidelined. 

That realization ignited a fire in me to carve out a new path. One where honesty, integrity, and a relentless focus on delivering promises weren’t just ideals but the foundation of everything we do. Thus, Integrity Payments Group was born. 

Our Commitment to Integrity 

‍In the world of payments, you might have noticed a pattern:  lengthy contracts, high fees, and solutions that don't quite fit the bill. That's not the route we take at Integrity Payments Group. Our priority? You. We begin by truly understanding your needs, and then we meticulously search for the best solutions available. 

Opting for quick fixes isn't in our DNA. We aim for lasting solutions, addressing the root of the problem rather than applying a temporary fix. 

What sets us apart? While it's common for others in our industry to push standard packages based on their existing contracts, we choose a different path. We're adaptable, straightforward, and focused solely on providing precisely what you need. 

Experience and Expertise 

Our intimate knowledge of the industries we touch gives us an unbeatable advantage. We’re not in the business of vague answers but of solutions steeped in a deep understanding of your unique needs. 

Years of experience have shown us the evolution of payments, regulatory mazes, and businesses' shifting needs.  Talent and expertise—and a team all rallied around integrity—sets us apart, bringing fresh solutions to conventional payment practices. 

Tailoring Your Payment Ecosystem 

Recognizing the distinct nature of each organization, we believe in a personalized touch. We consider your specific situation, and craft a suite of products and services that truly fit. 

We ditch the cookie-cutter approach for a strategy that reflects your goals. From setting up merchant accounts to overhauling your payment ecosystem, we adapt to meet your needs. 

Our aim? To not just meet your current metrics but to elevate them. We architect your payment strategy, setting you on a path to improved compliance, cost reduction, transitioning to a new solution or whatever your next level looks like. 

Think of us as your all-in-one vendor, ensuring you have redundancy and support with different banks to weather any storm. This level of sustainable operations, others may not be able to match. 

Together Towards Success  

At Integrity Payments Group, we’re more than a service provider; we’re your partner in growth and success. 

We know businesses have their hands full, weaving through complex processes and bringing together isolated departments. That’s where our strength lies—in fine-tuning your strategy and streamlining your operations. We’re bridge builders—connecting different parts of your organization to make sure everything runs seamlessly. In doing so, we give your company the tools to manage its whole ecosystem more effectively and efficiently. 

Excited doesn’t even begin to cover how we feel about rolling out our new brand. It's a big high-five to our commitment to being real, pushing boundaries, and aiming for nothing but the best. With our custom-fit payment solutions, we’re not just meeting your needs today—we’re boosting your business into tomorrow’s success story.

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